Fusion Vision System

Fusion Vision System

New to the Best Scientific vision system program, the Fusion program incorporates expanded functionality with infinity corrected optics to deliver unmatched flexibility, performance across three distinct core optical functions.

  • Fusion Fixed Magnification
  • Fusion 7:1 Zoom lens modules
  • Fusion 12.5:1 Zoom lens module

This system delivers the following features …

  • Configure 7:1 or 12.5:1 zoom optics or fixed magnification
  • Use lower lens modules or LWD Optem or Mitutoyo objectives for greater magnifications
  • Compatible with most digital cameras with interchangeable mounting system
  • Automate Focus and or Zoom with DC or stepper motors.Motors are enclosed for to reduce contamination and simplify cable management
  • Improved design extend reliability and service life, with new dovetail and 3 point system
  • Variety of clamps and mounts to support the system even where space is limited
  • Right angle adapter part of the program to aid with system integration
  • Three illumination types available
  1. Coax With LED or Fibre Optic
  2. LED Ring lights
  3. Oblique illumination

Also available is the Fusion Fluorescence unit which can be combined with above for even further options. See related products below.

Best scientific have also added further innervations to the Fusion system to make it even more versatile. Please see the Microscope camera coupler section to see ...

  • Fusion Multiport camera coupler,
  • Fusion Fluorescence camera coupler
  • Fusion Zooming camera coupler.

The Fusion vision system makes it easy to specify a micro imaging system to suit your needs.

Contact Best Scientific to configure a system to suit your requirements.