Fusion Fluorescence Vision System

Fusion Fluorescence Vision System

Best Scientific are able to offer yet another innovative addition to the already flexible and adaptable Fusion vision system.

The Fusion Fluorescence block gives the user the option to illuminate their subject in the light wavelength required. The block has a built in cradle which holds a standard microscope filter block. This block can be interchanged and fitted with the required filter set for the application required. This can be used with both single band and multiband filter sets.

Illumination is provided by an intensity controlled LED light fitted at the back of the block holder. There are two different options available depending on which filter set is desired. Our stand alone C-Mount LED with control box is suitable for use with single band sets, or a variable wavelength illuminator is recommended for use with multiband filter sets. Options are also available for other forms of illumination such as fibre optic, please ask Best Scientific for more information.

Please download the PDF for further information and an overview of the features.

Please see some of the sample images supplied with the use of an FITC , TRITC, & DAPI multiband filter set, and variable LED illumination via liquid light guide and collimator. All natural fluorescence no staining.

Contact Best Scientific to configure a system to suit your requirements.