FMOS - Fixed Magnification Vision System

FMOS - Fixed Magnification Vision System

The FMOS (Fixed Magnification Optical System) is a straightforward vision system which achieves repeatable imaging for your application. The system enjoys the same modularity and flexibility thatour other zoom systems feature, however only utilising a fixed magnification at an economical price.

Delivering the following features …

  • Simple, straight forward, reliable design
  • Easily achievable Repeatability in imaging processes
  • Large range of camera tubes can offer low and high magnification system
  • Variety of illumination types available - Coax With LED or Fibre Optc - Ring lights - Oblique
  • Can be fitted with Mitutoyo or Optem objective lenses for greater magnification
  • Variety of clamps and mounts to support the system even where space is limited
  • Right angle adapter part of the program to aid with system integration

If you are looking for a straightforward reliable vision system with repeatability the FMOS system could be the solution for you.

Contact Best Scientific to configure a system to suit your requirements.