Reliable Educational Microscope

Ideal system for teaching microscopy while benefiting from the great optics from Olympus. Durable & easy to use in order to thrive in a classroom environment.

Key Specification & Features …..

  • Durable ergonomic educational microscope
  • Lightweight, portable and compact storage
  • Fixed parts to prevent loss or damage
  • Smooth lightweight design
  • Infinity optical system
  • 4x, 10x 40x 100x (Oil) OBJ on inverted nosepiece
  • Field number 20 for a wide FOV
  • Plan Achromat objectives
  • LED light source

Download the data sheet for more information

Type: Compound

Manufacturer: Olympus

Orientation: Upright

Light type: Transmitted

Contrast methods: BF

Illumination source: LED

Head type: Bino

Nose piece: 4X Reversed

Zoom range: select

Recomended applications: Educational