Cell culture observation microscope

An upgraded solution from the previous models, the CKX53 provides improved image quality and ergonomics, especially suited for heavy workflows involving live cell observation and sampling. Also features many new innovations from Olympus such as the umbrella shield to improve fluorescent images by cutting background light.

Key Specification & Features ….

  • Integrated phase contrast for fast cell imaging
  • Fluorescence illumination – Blue Green and UV Excitations
  • NEW Umbrella shield improves fluorescence images
  • NEW Inversion contrast techniques allows for image stacking
  • Field number 20 for wide FOV
  • Ergonomically designed for heavy use
  • Accommodates a variety of cell culture containers
  • Lightweight for easy movements and cleaning

Download the datasheet for more information

Type: Compound

Manufacturer: Olympus

Orientation: Inverted

Light type: Incident, Transmitted

Contrast methods: BF, PC, FLO

Illumination source: LED, HAL

Head type: Trino, Bino Ergo Head

Nose piece: 4x Nosepiece

Zoom range: select

Recomended applications: Cell Inspection Laboratory work