5MP Microscopy Camera

Detailed description: The Olympus SC50 Microscopy camera provides an imaging system with exceptional image quality and practical features. The colour camera combines high resolution with fast frame rates while maintaining an accurate colour reproduction. Ideal for life science, material science, industrial and educational applications. Features • High resolution 5MP resolution • Active noise reduction • Automatic white balance • HD video capture • True colour accuracy • Simple to use accompanying cellSens software • Fast live frame rates and data transfer using USB3 • Use with Windows OS

Manufacturer: Olympus

Type: Digital

Output: USB 3

Power source: USB 3

Camera mount: C-Mount

Mega pixel: 5mp

Sensor size: 1/2.5 Inch

Sensor type: CMOS

Camera resolution: Max Resolution 2560 x 1920 Pix

Max exposure: 2.74 seconds

Live frame: 15 FPS

Physical size: 58mm ø x 33mm (H)

Weight: 182g