Economical anologue camera

Detailed description: Best scientific recommends the watec analogue camera. We feature two models in particular. The BSWAT-231S2 is a 1/3” formatted camera solution suitable for capturing images in minimal light conditions of 0.05lux. All included in a compact CS-mount durable casing. Please contact best scientific if you would like further information regarding the Watec camera to be used as a microscope camera or be integrated into a vision system.

Manufacturer: Watec

Type: Anologue

Output: S-Video

Power source: 12V DC

Camera mount: C or CS-Mount

Sensor size: 1/3 inch

Sensor type: CCD

Camera resolution: 450TVL

Max exposure: 1/250

Live frame: 25pfs

Physical size: 44 x 44 x 64

Weight: 160g