2MP, USB2, Low Light compatible, Microscope & Vision system camera

Detailed description: The Paxcam 2+ offers the user a reliable and affordable 2MP camera, suitable for low light applications, with a great range of features. Suitable for low light conditions and most contrast techniques. A multi-disciplined camera. Every Paxcam comes with unrivalled customer support from Best Scientific and the manufacturer. When combined with the Paxit imaging software this becomes a powerful tool for image capture, manipulation, and analysis. Best Scientific can help integrate this camera with your microscope with one of our Camera couplers, or into various standalone vision systems. Contact Best Scientific who will help integrate this camera into your system.

Manufacturer: Paxcam

Type: Digital

Power source: USB 2

Camera mount: C-Mount

Mega pixel: 2MP

Sensor size: 1/2 inch

Sensor type: CCD

Camera resolution: 1616 x 1216

Image size: 5.9 MB

Max exposure: 20 sec

Live frame: 12fps

Physical size: 70 x 53 x 104

Weight: 290g