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Stereo Zoom 6.7:1 Microscope for Biology

The SZ series of microscopes from Olympus are at the


Biological Stereo Zoom 6.7:1 Microscope With Photoport

The SZ series of microscopes from Olympus


Stereo Microscope for Biological Applications - 5:1 Zoom

The SZ series of microscopes from


Cell culture observation microscope

An upgraded solution from the previous models, the


Reliable Educational Microscope

Ideal system for teaching microscopy while benefiting from the


Biological and Industrial research grade stereomicroscope, featuring transmitted and reflected LED


Stereo microscope for material and biological applications

Easy to use stereo microscope


Ergonomical Laboratory microscope

The blue line flagship model, the BioBlue Lab is an instrument


Biological microscope for education and small laboratories

The stylish design of the Bio Blue


Affordable educational compound microscope

The Eco blue series offers a quality grade biological


Stereomicroscope for higher education & basic industry

The Stereo Blue microscopes are available


Economical educational stereomicroscope

The Edu Blue stereo microscopes are specifically


Inverted microscope for inspection of living cells

PrimoVert is an inverted microscope with good


High Performance for Education and the Laboratory.

Robust, easy to operate, equipped with good


Inverted Microscope for cell research

Simply get all, the Information required from your cells


Adaptable microscope for routine and research

This adaptable and modular system from Zeiss has


Bio Medical microscope durable and ergonomic

Developed for biomedical laboratories, universities