Best Scientific Couplers launches on-line shop

Best Scientific Couplers launches on-line shop

Our Sister company Best Scientific Couplers are pleased to announce the launch of the new on-line Microscope Camera Coupler shop.

Attribute filters have been included to allow you to find the Microscope to Camera Coupler you are looking for, on a concise and easy to use webpage. The online shop also works with our coupler
configurator to further help you find what you’re looking for.

New pictures are attached to all of the listings, along with details of the microscope interface required, special features and all other applicable information.

Find it here

The on-line shop features the following coupler types…..

  • Standard Couplers
  • Direct Couplers
  • Large Format Couplers
  • Eyepiece Couplers
  • C to C Mount Couplers
  • Polyvar Couplers

Our Multiport couplers and M2APO couplers will be added soon.