QC microscope for Southampton Hospital

Southampton University
Company: Southampton University



Best Scientific are pleased to announce a new EDIC (Episcopic Differential Interference Contrast) microscope system. This system provides the means to create a topographical relief to enable surgical instrument contamination to be identified and imaged. This microscope has now been placed into the CSSD (Central Sterile Service Department) of the South Hants hospital for a year long research program, to study the effectiveness of surgical instruments sterilisation, in their facility.


Best Scientific have configured the EDIC microscope to specifically analyse the effectiveness of the sterilisation process.

Incorporating EPI, DIC and Florescence illumination, this system can establish the levels of clearness, after surgical instruments have been sterilised. Using reagents, this microscope will be used to identify all forms of contaminating bacteria (should there be any present after this process) that would normally come into contact with these instruments during standard medical procedures.

This microscope is capable of imaging at very low light levels for florescence via its CCD camera. This system features…

  • Long working distance objectives at 1,000X magnification
  • Automated custom stage
  • Metal halide illumination

Dr E Best of Best Scientific says “This vision system knows no boundaries with its many optical techniques. No bacteria can hide in the crevasses of surgical instruments. This system will allow instruments to be used multiple times, and prevent other patients from being contaminated”

Bacteria can be selectively identified with a new range of reagents that are now currently available.

Please contact Best Scientific if you would like to know more.