Ergonomic Vision Systems for Manufacture

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Company: Anonymous


Our customer is a world leader in the manufacture analysis equipment.

They have been a valued customer of Best Scientific for many years. Best Scientific have previously provided vision system & microscopy solutions, alongside expertise and advice. On this occasion they required some help with ergonomics.


Manufacturing technicians were using stereo microscopes for long periods of time while producing detailed parts. Operators were beginning to suffer from neck and back ache from the repetitive nature of the manufacturing process. The aim was to provide an alternative vision system to the traditional stereo microscope, to eliminate health damage to staff.


As Always Best Scientific tried to use as much equipment that was already in place at the manufacturing station, to provide a suitable solution.

Using the pivot arm and cradle of the existing Stereo microscope Best Scientific devised a doughnut ring adapter that would retrofit into the stereo’s head housing. Using this they were able to mount a mini zoom lens with analogue camera, to provide a live image to a small monitor, directly in front of the operator. An auxiliary lens was added to the base of the mini Zoom so that the optimal working distance was achieved, so as not to interfere with production. The focusing was provided by the adjustment on the stereo arm, already in place.

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