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BioMedical Instruments
Company: BioMedical Instruments


The aim was to integrate our Fusion Fluorescence vision system with the customers existing parts to produce an upgraded vision system, while at the same time maintaining the relevance and consistency of all research already completed.


Best Scientific worked with the customer to supply the right parts, while making sure that new items interfaced correctly with those already in place.

Best Scientific supplied ….

  • Fusion vision system with Fluorescence block
  • Stereo microscope stand with custom cradle

Biomedical Instruments had existing in their program…

  • Vision system camera
  • Illumination source and Fibre optic light guide
  • Fluorescence filter sets
  • Objective lower lens


Best Scientific successfully integrated all of the parts by ….

  • Making sure the existing light guide linked with the light collimator. This was done by custom machining by Best Scientific
  • Making sure the vision system had a suitable Field of view and Working distance when used with the camera and objective lens the customer had on site
  • Advised the customer which filter sets worked inside our fluorescence block
  • Left the door open for a motorisation upgrade at a later date.

If you need a system upgrade or have existing equipment that you would like to get more from. Please contact Best Scientific with the details.