New Illumination for Reichert Polyvar SC

Science & Technology Facilities Council
Company: Science & Technology Facilities Council


To provide a modern and economical illumination upgrade to an older Reichert Polyvar SC microscope.


The Recichert Polyvar microscopes have been manufactured with fantastic optics, and are precisely machined for brilliant accuracy. However the illumination system hasn’t stood the test of time the same way that the microscope has. The Polyvar still uses a Halogen light source. This light source is limited in it’s colour temperature, efficiency and has a higher running cost than that of other light sources currently available.


Best Scientific adapted our LED system to be retrofitted on to the removable Polyvar light source cradle. Using our 98% efficient right angle mirror we were able to orientate the LED’s to fit into the limited space using the existing light source holder, with the aid of just one custom made part. The LED light source incorporates a 6000k bulb which illuminates the sample in a white light. The LED’s provide a energy efficient form of illumination, running at a fraction of the cost of a halogen bulb.